Owning Multifamily Apartments in Cherry Valley, Illinois is Difficult. Page1’s Proven Processes Make Ownership Simple.

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We Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Your goal may be to increase revenue, lower costs, increase NOI, achieve a target CAP rate for an exit strategy or improve occupancy levels. All of these increase the value of your property and increase your net equity.

We Address Your Concerns Quickly

Whenever you have questions or need input from our team, you'll find it's easy to get in touch. We answer your calls and emails and we work diligently to get you great results.

It's Easy & Convenient to Check In with Us

We use powerful technology to simplify things for our tenants and clients alike. Online property listings, digital rent payment, and 24/7 statement access are just a few of the perks we offer.

Our Team Provides Sensational Service

At Page1 Property Management, we never stop working to meet your needs. We aim to set the standard for great service and consistently exceed your expectations.

You Can Trust Our Team to Protect Your Interests

We want to gain your trust. We put transparency and honesty above everything else, and we're committed to only making decisions that benefit your bottom line.

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Marketing & Leasing

Our team markets vacancies using a number of powerful promotional tools. Our leasing process is 100% digital, prospects can schedule self tours using our Bluetooth enabled lock system, our applications are online, our digital leases can be reviewed and signed using any smartphone or tablet. We require all applicants to meet our strict approval criteria. We carefully screen every applicants criminal history, financial history and previous landlord verifications to qualify potential tenants.


We use powerful software that allows our tenants to seamlessly enter work orders using their mobile phone or tablet. We make wise financial decisions to increase the chances of your tenant renewing their lease, and of course, we do this while achieving your financial goals.

Tenant Communication

Our VOIP (Voice over IP) phone system gives tenants a number of different options for getting in touch with our team. Tenants can call, text, or email Page1, and the system will automatically keep a record of all communications. It's just one of the many ways we do things differently.


"When issues arise, Mike and his team respond and address issues in a professional manner.”


Satsified Client


"I’ve leased space managed by Mike and his team for over three years. Mike and his team have been accessible and responsive every time I reached out with a question or a maintenance need. Communication is fair and honest, I recommend using Mike to manage your property.”


Satisfied Tenant

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If you own rentals in Rockford or the surrounding area, you know how important it is to partner with a professional property management team. From finding highly qualified tenants to handling repair requests and rent collection, the right property manager should make things easy for you. Sit back and enjoy the benefits of owning local real estate, while we take care of the day-to-day needs of your rental property.

At Page1 Property Management, we never stop working to help you achieve your investment goals. We serve property owners across Greater Rockford, including Loves Park, Machesney Park, Cherry Valley, Belvidere, and Davis Junction. Whether you own one property and are looking for a bit of additional support or you're an investor seeking a partner for your portfolio, learn today how our management solutions are designed to meet your needs.


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Cherry Valley Property Management Solutions

Cherry Valley property managementThe village of Cherry Valley is located right along the Kishwaukee River valley in the great state of Illinois. It's home to many outdoor adventures that will keep you busy all year long. Some of the most popular natural outdoor spots are Baumann Park, Kishwaukee River Forest Preserve, Deer Run Forest Preserve, Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve, Oakridge Forest Preserve, and the Espencheid Memorial Forest Preserve. At these outdoor locations, you can enjoy many activities, like hiking, boating, camping, fishing, and birdwatching.

The charm of Cherry Valley doesn't stop with its abundance of outdoor preserves. The town has a village hall which is a must stop to really understand the history of the town. You can enjoy some fresh foods and plants at Valley Orchard. Break out the fun at the Magic Waters Waterpark and Competition Grand Prix. There's always something to keep you busy in Cherry Valley.

Investing in Cherry Valley Rentals

If you've been considering investing in the Cherry Valley real estate market, now is the time to make it happen. Every new Cherry Valley Rental that you obtain means more monthly passive income into your pocket. Plus, it means one more asset that tenants will buy for you. Real estate investing allows for a dual-prong investing approach. Not only do you receive money in the short-term in the form of monthly passive income, but you also receive hard assets in the form of houses over the long-term.

Looking for Cherry Valley Property Management?
Having a Cherry Valley rental doesn't mean that you must handle all the responsibilities of the property. Rather, you can seek the assistance of an experienced Cherry Valley property management company to help you with the day-to-day management tasks. This will allow you to limit the amount of time you must spend taking care of your rental investments.

With Page1 Property Management you'll get the experience and expertise of managers who know the Cherry Valley real estate market very well. They'll take care of answering all your questions regarding rental rates, lease terms, and maintenance requests. At Page1 Property Management we know that every investor is different. Some want to be more hands-on while others enjoy the freedom of having a knowledgeable Cherry Valley property management company do the work for them. This is why we offer flexible management packages so you can decide on the type of involvement that you want to have with your rental properties.

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